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Your LinkedIn profile: 5 Things To Do Right Now!

Your LinkedIn profile: 5 Things To Do Right Now!

Think you haven't got time to generate leads on LinkedIn? Think it's a social network just for men in suits and not for entrepreneurs like you? Think again! Give it 10 minutes right now, update these 5 things on your LinkedIn Profile and discover the difference it...

How to get your product recommended on LinkedIn

A few weeks back I published a post on adding your company page to LinkedIn. As  bloggers we can add our information products and services to our LinkedIn company pages giving us another route to market. The last step on that post was be to ask people to follow your...
Facebook vs LinkedIn

Facebook vs LinkedIn

The user or client of a site generally controls the message and that is why people tend to prefer LinkedIn or Facebook but not both. By controlling the message the client effectively comes blind to advertising. Think TiVo and Sky Plus: you record a program and then...

Adding a company page to LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn had company pages? You can start to add your page by clicking here – add company page You will also need an email address that is the same as your domain name, this is part of the “security” check that you have the...

Learning to Love LinkedIn

Talking in a group on Facebook, I found some accountability partners for my next project – Loving LinkedIn. I have a few ebooks on the subject some from Lewis Howes, one from Matt Kimberley and some useful articles from other sites. So I asked who would be...