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3 Overlooked Places To Start Persuading On Your Website

3 Overlooked Places To Start Persuading On Your Website

You've read the books, got the t-shirt and you want to get started with persuasion in your marketing, however you don't want to get it wrong. You've visited websites that have gone to town on the elements of persuasion and you've clicked away with a sick feeling in...

Social Media Relationships – just the basics #socialmedia

People are social creatures who love to share things, from family news, photos and recipes to bad service experiences and great offers.  It is not surprising that Facebook has become the most-visited website, sharing is quick and easy on Facebook. According to...

Pinterest: Measuring your Pinfluence

If you have taken the Google Plus 30 day challenge, you'll already know that I am the kind of person that likes to measure progress and activity as you go through the challenge. This is so you can determine what you are doing well and what you need to work on. It will...