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Boosting your blogging income – repurposing content

Boosting your blogging income – repurposing content

This is part 6 in a 10 part series on boosting your blogging income. In case you missed them, here are the earlier posts – Evaluation How smart is your blog’s design? Selling on your blog Advertising – does it still work for blogging? Blogging for Brands The...
How consistent blogging will benefit you and your blog

How consistent blogging will benefit you and your blog

Ever visited a blog and found it hadn't been updated for ages? How did that make you feel? Imagine how it makes the blog's author feel? Chances are they are either unaware or really embarrassed that they have failed to keep their blog updated. The answer to this is to...

Writing faster and better blog posts #blogging

When I take a blog coaching client on the first few sessions involve the telephone (usually Skype) and a pen and paper. Research has shown when you make notes the information is retained for longer. I record the calls to send to my clients so they don't actually miss...

Warning: Using pop ups will grow your email list fast

If you are just starting out blogging or waking up to the the power of having an email list then this post is for you. Back in the summer I realised that my personal blog was growing fast and I actually needed to have an email list to support my blogging and maintain...

How to create great looking ebooks (without a designer)

If you've been blogging and content marketing longer than 5 minutes you'll know that there's nothing more powerful that giving away a free report to generate opt-ins to your mailing list. In time you'll create simple ebooks, first as PDFs and then perhaps create epub...