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10 things you really shouldn’t do on Google+

10 things you really shouldn’t do on Google+

I'll have to admit I love Google plus. I love the ability to share content easily with the right people. For me Google Plus is more of an engagement mechanism than a broadcasting tool. Let's hope it stays that way. Today's slide deck is about things you really...

Sourcing great images for Pinterest

Continuing my love affair with Pinterest… we need to look Sourcing great images for Pinterest and using them our blog posts and on pages. The better the image, the more chance of a re-pins and conversations starting. But we also have to be aware that we could be...

Social Media Relationships – just the basics #socialmedia

People are social creatures who love to share things, from family news, photos and recipes to bad service experiences and great offers.  It is not surprising that Facebook has become the most-visited website, sharing is quick and easy on Facebook. According to...
13 tools to make smarter use of Google Plus

13 tools to make smarter use of Google Plus

At just over 6 months old,  the online world has woken up to the fact that Google Plus is here to stay and that it's a powerful marketing tool. Google Plus is now integrated into your search experience and like the Facebook Like button, it can make a big difference to...

How to get your product recommended on LinkedIn

A few weeks back I published a post on adding your company page to LinkedIn. As  bloggers we can add our information products and services to our LinkedIn company pages giving us another route to market. The last step on that post was be to ask people to follow your...