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500 mindblowing headlines you can swipe with one click

500 mindblowing headlines you can swipe with one click

[pullquote align='right' cite='David Ogilvy']5 times as many people read the headline compared to the content[/pullquote]Do you struggle with headlines? Headlines are used in marketing your business every single day of the week, from brochures to postcards, from...
[infographic] Can you overcome your business fears?

[infographic] Can you overcome your business fears?

January has come and gone, and we're half way through February. Are you one of the people that started a business in January, after quitting your job? Only right about now you are wondering if its the best decision you've made because the Christmas bills are landing...

Content Creation and Successful Business Blogging

As you can see I'm in the process of moving sites :) so forgive the general untidiness at the moment. Content Creation is a term that I love. Creation always reminds me of the Michaelangelo painting, The Creation of Adam. In the painting God is lazily reaching down...

Learning to Love LinkedIn

Talking in a group on Facebook, I found some accountability partners for my next project – Loving LinkedIn. I have a few ebooks on the subject some from Lewis Howes, one from Matt Kimberley and some useful articles from other sites. So I asked who would be...