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Yesterday I shared a post about content upgrades and what they are, and in that post I also offer a content upgrade in the form of a checklist. Today I'm sharing this LeadPages review, and you'll discover why 40,000 business owners love LeadPages.

At the time of typing that checklist has had more traffic than the average post on a similar topic. 186% more traffic, making it a high traffic post.

This means that Content Upgrades are definitely something worth investing in as a business blogger. I touched lightly upon the three tools that will help you with the technical aspect of content upgrades and they are:

In this post I'm going to delve deeper into LeadPages and how you can benefit from using it.

lead pages review

Introduction: What Are LeadPages?

LeadPages is marketed as “The #1 Landing Page Builder”, but it is much more than this; it's of a marketing suite of tools. The software builds webpages designed to generate leads, build your email list, improve sales and profits, and so much more. It integrates with the top autoresponder services as any decent list building/lead generating software should, but also works with social media and even text messaging to drive your business growth.

In 2015, for the first time ever, mobile search outpaced traditional web searches. Accordingly, LeadPages includes mobile-friendly webpage templates that automatically adjust to the size of the screen that is being used. Whether prospects find your LeadPages-generated content on a 3 inch smartphone or a 21 inch monitor, your pages are optimised for the size of the display and its aspect ratio.

Get Lead Pages Here

Who is LeadPages Right For?

LeadPages is priced for all budgets. Even the smallest of cash-strapped businesses can benefit from the professional landing pages this easy to use software helps you create.

If you have a web presence and need to create landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar promoting pages and other professional looking, high-converting web properties quickly and inexpensively, LeadPages definitely deserves your consideration.

If you're a blogger who hasn't yet monetised their site, or don't have revenue streams planned, then this isn't for you yet.

Get Lead Pages Here

“Ready to Go” Templates

A landing page is one that exists for the sole purpose of capturing a visitor's information through some type of web form. This is how you build your list and generate leads which you hope will become customers. Probably the biggest attraction of LeadPages is a vast library of pre-designed landing page templates.

  • You click on a template that you like, add your text, integrate it with your autoresponder and  that's it you're almost done.
  • You don't need to possess any technical know-how to build high-converting landing pages in minutes.
  • You don't need a graphic designer or web designer to create your pages for you
  • The Lead Pages tests new designs frequently, recommending those with the highest current conversion rates.
Get Lead Pages Here

What Makes LeadPages Different?

There are other software suites that create landing pages. What sets LeadPages apart is that its media library includes the following, on addition to to create landing pages and content upgrades

  • Blog Category pages that are search engine ready
  • Sales pages
  • Video pages
  • Webinar promotional pages
  • Squeeze pages
  • Thank You pages
  • Adwords campaigns
  • Can be used with or without WordPress websites
  • And more

The company is always working to improve its offerings. One way LeadPages sets itself apart from competitors is by providing extremely fast page load speeds. The search engines factor in how long it takes your pages to load as one of their ranking algorithms. The developers at LeadPages work hard to deliver excellent page loading speeds.

Get Lead Pages Here

Drag-and-Drop Convenience and Speed

The drag-and-drop editor and landing page builder is excellent. It is very minimalistic. This makes it easy to navigate and user-friendly. It is very easy, even for a beginner, to create high-converting pages that are search engine optimised, load quickly, integrate smoothly with your site or blog platform, and look great. You can swap images and videos with a couple of clicks of your mouse, and drag-and-drop elements onto and off of the page builder to get just the look you need.

Each page in the editor contains boxes where you can type text. You can remove boxes, add boxes, and simply click in any box to add text or change it. If you have a video you want to integrate into a landing page, simply add your embed code to the LeadPages' video field to turn a text-based landing page into a multimedia experience. The company also provides video background templates to make your pages look professional.

Get Lead Pages Here

No Autoresponder Needed

One really nice feature is the LeadPages ability to generate leads even if you don't have an autoresponder service yet. Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, AWeber and other autoresponder services make building your email list easy. However, even if you have not signed up for one of the many autoresponder services LeadPages is compatible with, you can still build your list. The software allows you to set up lead notifications sent straight to your inbox every time someone opts-in on your landing page.

Extra Features

  • Lead Magnet Delivery System

LeadPages will store your ethical bribes and send them out automatically when someone joins your list. This means faster delivery times than if you have to store your digital assets on your own hard drive, in the cloud, or somewhere else. Let's be honest here, it's 2016 you should not be delivering these by hand or hiring a VA to do this aspect of your marketing. It's easily automated and it should be automated!

  • Content Upgrade System

Clay Collins, Founder of Lead Pages invented content upgrades, and Lead Pages deliver them perfectly via Lead Boxes. In some instances the content upgrade is simply a link that's clicked and then an optin box appears. In other scenarios the link is in a yellow or blue box so that it stands out from the rest of the post. Either way adds value to your readers and positions you as a leader in your field.

  • Pre-Populated Form Fields

This is really cool. The LeadBoxes feature automatically pre-populates a prospect's information, if they have ever filled in info on a LeadPages webpage before … on any site on the Internet!

  • Countdown Timer

Countdown timers can dramatically increase your conversion rates, and create a sense of urgency for your prospects. Perfect for sales pages and registration pages

  • Timed and Exit Pop-Ups

Pop-up forms consistently drive conversion rates higher. There are several styles to choose from, all customisable, and can be added to any website with just a few clicks.

  • Fast WordPress Integration

If you own a WordPress blog or site, the LeadPages WordPress plug-in allows you to publish any page in just a few clicks.

  • Lead Digits

Do you speak at a lot of events? Run offline marketing campaigns? Then you'll love LeadDigits and the ability to collect leads via mobile phones.

Get Lead Pages Here

Pricing Options

LeadPages currently offers 3 affordable pricing structures, Standard, Pro and Advanced. You can pay monthly, or save up to 38% with annual billing.

  • The Standard option is recommended for entrepreneurs and home businesses and starts at approx $25 a month
  • The Pro option is the most popular pricing structure, better for small businesses and professional marketers.
  • The Advanced package provides everything that marketing teams and agencies need at $199 a month
  • Please note, prices can and do change!

Many small web businesses find the Standard option is just they need to get started. You receive unlimited landing pages and pop-up forms, integrated WordPress publishing, automatic publishing to multiple sites and advanced HTML export. For A/B split testing, access to the LeadPages affiliate program and other extra features, consider the Pro service.

The Downside to LeadPages

If you're in Europe, the support is on Pacific time which can mean a delay of up to 36 hours for a support response. There have been incidences in the past where Lead Pages for a brief time was incompatible with Facebook advertising. These things are not exclusive to Lead Pages, they can and do happen to other software services.

One of the most frequent things we hear about LeadPages is that everyone uses the same designs. This means if there are a lot of people in your industry using Lead Pages, your pages will look very similar to the prospects. Make sure you customise the colours, logo and images wherever possible.

If you are technophobic, this might be a good option for you as a lot of developers are familiar with it, and for some that is also a downside.


There are a lot of things you can do with LeadPages, in particular the content upgrades. If you don't have something in place already, then LeadPages is a good starting point for you to create content upgrades and add massive value to your community.

What do you think? Do you like LeadPages? Is it something that can help you grow your business blog?


P.S. If you have a system in place for landing pages and content upgrades and it's working perfectly for you, then stick with it. If you don't then take a look at what Lead Pages can do for you

Get Lead Pages Here