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You are not your ideal customer part twoPens at the ready! Marketing Pop Quiz:

  1. Your ideal customer is Muslim, or Jewish. They may exchange a gift and may gather as a family, but there's no ostentatious feast or party. It's just another day to them. Should you stop marketing to them because you love Christmas and plan on drinking the local pub dry before staggering home to eat your own bodyweight in Turkey?
  2. It's Thanksgiving in the US or Canada. You're ideal customer lives in Scotland and has never left the UK. Should you send them an email with a Turkey Day offer?
  3. It's the holidays. You've been told not to Tweet or blog, or use any form of social media as it's the holidays… Do you?

Now the correct answer to these three questions is… Do what you have to do to engage with your ideal customer, and NOT what you have to do to please people who are not your ideal customer.

There's always a spate of social media shaming over the Christmas, and public holidays.  Social media consultants going onto Twitter and telling people off for using Twitter on Christmas day. The irony of that is not lost on me, but it's lost on them.

In you are not your ideal customer part one I reminded you that you started your business to support others, not please yourself, although by serving others you can please yourself. But sometimes it's not “us” that's the problem, it's other people looking at things externally, not seeing who our ideal customer is, and then telling you what to do. Screw them.

I realise by saying the phrase screw them, some of the readers of this post will be running for the hills. Au revoir reader, it was good to know you, but if my language offends you right now, you're gonna hate working with me. Good marketing attracts the right people, great marketing repels the wrong people. You have to focus on your customer and what connects you to them. When you know all the psychographic data around who will love and adore your products you're onto a winner. You'll sell without effort because all of the hard work has been done when creating your buyer personas.

The problem people have is when they don't know who they are selling to and why, so they fall prey to the advice of other clueless consultants.

I work hard with clients on their marketing plans, so they're fully equipped to go out and grow their business. I'm lucky that clients who come to me for this know that they need to focus and stick to The Plan, they know the scattergun approach won't get them the results they need to grow their business. I'm lucky because I laser-target my client base to smart entrepreneurs who have stamina. I don't attract in those that wish to dream their business in order to make it happen, I attract in clients who know that they have to do the legwork in order to get results. They also know that to reach their ideal customers they have to market to them, and that they are not their own ideal customer.

In conclusion if you are using social media to attract in your ideal client then you are using it right. If you are just spraying and praying then you haven't got a snowflake's chance in hell of anything working for you. Including your business.