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aweber mover to get responseI’ve been a big fan of Aweber, and until now they’ve been the only email provider I’ve used. I dabbled with MailChimp for a while, but I found it overly complicated and something just clicked with Aweber.

Back in the summer things started to go wrong. I can’t put my finger on what went wrong or why. The email templates changed, and new ones were added, but they weren’t quite right for me. Mobile responsive email templates were also added, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. And to be honest, I didn’t care enough to go and track down the information. I just wanted it done for me.

And then in December I started getting messages from subscribers using Outlook to say that the emails were coming though blank… and there seemed to be nothing I could do.

A friend of mine moved to Get Response back in the summer, and I toyed with the idea of moving then. The Outlook incident was just the final straw, and I also am now in the process of moving to Get Response. Although in truth, it wasn’t and isn’t Aweber’s fault that I no longer wish to use them. I just want life to be simpler for me and faffing around (a technical term) with my email provider for hours on end isn’t a high priority for me.

I’ve spent a few hours this week (I’m taking time off due to bereavements in the family) playing around with Get Response and although I wouldn’t call it intuitive, I’m finding it a lot easier to use that Aweber and the fact the templates are fully customisable and mobile responsive without any hassle is a big step in their favour.

Costs wise, for the size of my email lists I’m not saving any money by switching, I am saving time. I do prefer to have a fixed set of charges. Under Aweber I paid $19 for email analytics, and then a certain amount a month for subscribers. I had to delete all my own unsubscribes as they cost me, and I felt this aspect should be automated, I felt ripped off and I just felt I wasn’t getting value for money any more.

If I wanted to move people from one list to another when they’d completed certain actions then I felt like I needed a degree in software engineering. Segmenting my lists was never an easy job, and to make it easier I’d need external tools to help me starting at $19.99 a month… but for my list size I’d need the $29.99 option and when you added that to the cost of the email provider… Get Response is looking more value for money.

With Get Response I have options or rules that if a reader takes a certain action then I can move them into a new list, only this can be automated. This means that readers that regularly communicate with me and grow a relationship can be rewarded with the information they seek, and additional rewards for opening and reading.

It also means I can automate buyers lists, so that when I’m selling a book or a course I can move the subscribers into a list where they will get information tailored to their purchase. If someone wants a Kindle course, then future communication will be around that interest.  This means that my content marketing is not so time intensive or missing the mark. Because as much as I’ve tried to segment lists in the past, it’s never been easy, and it’s also had to be done manually.

And finally, I’ve decided against getting my own affiliate program for now and to use JVZoo. It’s not perfect for what I want, but it does integrate with Get Response better meaning I can start to promote the products on my desktop with ease.

Will that mean my subscribers get a spam fest and never ending sales pitches? Erm No. I’m not about promoting products constantly, I promote the tools that I use and I try a huge amount of products out and never even mention them… It means my subscribers will now get the precise information and based on their opens and clicks. Some people prefer my blogging content, others prefer my social media content, and this means they’ll get what they want.

And finally, all my subscribers will get their emails in their local time. No more complaints that my email has hit their inbox at 5am (midday in the UK), and that’s something along with mobile responsiveness that was important to me; Email delivered at local times.

So Goodbye Aweber, it was nice knowing you. Hello Get Response, I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.