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Did you know that YouTube has more than 3/4 of all video search traffic? YouTube (in case you didn't know)  is the second largest search engine. Google purchased YouTube a few years ago, signalling to the world that video content is important. This means when you have a video on YouTube, you have an opportunity for that video to be discovered in not one, but two different search engines! How's that for working smarter!

Video marketing makes sense.

As much as I love to read, I prefer video. Search engines understand more and more people are watching videos rather than reading blog posts.  How can you do video marketing if you're an introvert? If you're like Sarah, you're reluctant to get in front of the camera.

If you see Sarah on a Live or on actually on screen, then you may not notice how nervous she is. You definitely won't know that after a live stream, she has to go and lie down (she says she's meditating). Sarah is an ambivert. Video brings out her introverted side.

Here's what we work on together, to build her video marketing confidence. Just so you know, I've saved the very best video confidence tip for last.

Practice makes perfect

When you don't know what to expect you might become anxious. Relieve your anxiety about video marketing simply by getting used to it. We have a 2 person Facebook group that we practice in. Start out by simply recording short 15 and 30 seconds live videos of you just reading things and chatting.

These aren't public or published, but they take place so the camera becomes familiar. If you keep them you'll quickly see an improvement in your video content, as well as see how well you're doing.

Create PowerPoint Videos

Use a free Screen Video Recorder or Snagit. You record your voice, or someone else's, through your computer microphone. Your computer records what you do on your screen. This is a simple and free way to make videos, and works great when you're explaining a how-to process.

This is a gentle way to build video confidence. Remember, you don't have to do everything at once.

Get someone else in front of the camera

There's no law that says you have to be on the video, in front of the camera. Film someone else. In Sarah's case, she films me. She's quite the perfectionist at times. Interview your customers, influencers, and other people with interesting stories. We all love the human factor.

Keep the video process simple

The easier the process is, the more likely you are to actually follow through. Create a mini script or storyboard. Film with your smartphone. Film in the garden so you don't worry about the lighting. Invest £10 in a tripod. The tripod was my downfall… Once I'd spent £30 0n a tripod I had to get my money's worth and I spent the next month live streaming!

Head over to Lumen5

This nifty little piece of kit will do all the work for you! Go and check it out, you'll love the ability to create a minute long video with very little work:

All you have to do is add a blog post to the software, pick out the relevant parts and then choose your music!


I can understand that you may be introverted on camera, that you may worry about how you sound or how you look. But there are things you can do so you don't feel so exposed. When you create a video you create a fantastic connection with your viewers they won't worry that you've buttoned up your shirt wrong, ot that your wife has made you stand next to a shark.  Your content and your message are more important.

There's plenty of time to become video confident. Slow and steady wins the race.