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[pullquote align='right' cite='David Ogilvy']5 times as many people read the headline compared to the content[/pullquote]Do you struggle with headlines? Headlines are used in marketing your business every single day of the week, from brochures to postcards, from letters to blog posts. Headlines are the difference between being read and found and… not.

Headlines are also the most powerful part of your blog post.

Your headline is what captures people's attention on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. So how do you write a better headline? And what do you do if you cannot write a headline at all?

I almost always recommend Jon Morrow's Headline Hacks Report, but there's a new kid in town and it helps generate headlines AND train you how they are structured to work. This means that not only do you get to swipe some awesome headlines you get a reminder how to put them together so that it becomes second nature to you.

It's called the WP Swipe and Deploy plugin.

You simply upload the plugin via the WP dashboard and the next time you add a post you will see it appear above the content area.

WordPress headlines Plugin

1. Shows the headline and bolds the area that you need to change

2. Shows an example how you can use the headline to good effect

3. If this headline doesn't work for you, click the button and move to the next one.

It's a WordPress plugin that's incredibly simple and effective; within a few weeks you'll be writing more powerful headlines and generating more traffic to your blog posts – what more could you ask for?

If you are a blogger using WordPress this will become one of your must have plugins.

What's the catch? None that I can see it does exactly what it says it does, but it is a premium WordPress plugin.

Please note – If you don't have a WordPress website or blog, then you cannot use this. If you have a WordPress.com blog then you cannot use this.

It's currently priced between $27 and $47 USD and is an excellent investment in writing better headlines.