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The Art of Email Copywriting

Most of us are drowning in email, and only messages that stand out from the rest are able to draw our attention. If you're drowning in email, it stands to reason that your ideal customer is also struggling.

Writing emails that encourages people to take action is no easy task, even the most skilled writers have to work at email marketing. Yes, the art of email copywriting is one that requires a bit of practice, and a lot of patience to master.  However, there is a three-part technique that will enable you to get the most from your next email broadcast.

The Art of Email Copywriting – Step One

Write eye-catching subject lines, otherwise people may not even open your email. There have been many studies on this subject, and the general consensus seems to be that shorter subject lines do best. They should also be free from hype and not sound overly promotional, and they must “click” with your ideal customer. If it's a beginner audience, the headline will be different from the more advanced reader. Don't try and write for both.

Try to make your reader curious about the email content.  A teaser in the subject line can increase your open rates.

The Art of Email Copywriting – Step Two

The next step is your body copy. In this step it's all about keeping the reader interested and captivating their attention right away. Always try to write more like a friend than a business or a marketer. You are not being professional when you obliterate all signs of your personality from your email copy, you're being unconnectable. And yes, I did just invent that word. Email is a personal medium, you have been trusted enough to land in someone's inbox when they are incredibly busy.

Keep the body short and punchy for the best results, and throw out the weird formatting, non-standard fonts and colours that make your eyes bleed. Keep it simple and you’ll do fine!

The Art of Email Copywriting – Step Three

The final part of your email that brings it all together is the “call to action”, where you tell the reader what you would like them to do next. It could be “Buy now”, “Read more”, “Sign up free”, or something else.

The whole email should be constructed with this end goal in mind.

To make sure people actually notice your call to action, consider making it a big button as studies have shown that to be the most effective (compared to regular links). That’s not to say you can’t include links in the body copy, because you can, the more opportunities you give the reader to take action, the better.

How much is too much when it comes to calls to action? Well if your calls to action start to look like spam to you, just imagine what your reader actually thinks when they open your emails. Although less is often more, you may not want to have too many calls to action, and you may not want conflicting ones.

With the three steps in place, your email copy should start to gain you the results that you want.

The best strategy around email marketing is to actually think through all these steps before you actually start writing anything. When you do this, it all flows together nicely.