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Of course! Next question… Okay, okay, okay. Let me share with you about my digital handbag.  First of all, this digital handbag I'm reviewing was gifted to me, on the condition that I give a fair and honest review.  Secondly, it contains my opinions, and feelings about the digital handbag at various stages of ownership (I've had it 2 months now). Thirdly, I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, and if you are this handbag is not for you.

Before I knew what a digital handbag was…

When Amy invited me to review the digital handbag, I have to be honest I was completely clueless as to what one was. Was it one that contained a digital clock or device of some kind? I have no idea what one is, and having a curious nature I said “yes please, I'll review it”.

Amy let me know it was a leather bag, created in collaboration with digital trends expert Christiane Vejlø, by a leading handbag designer brand – Knomo.

So, I hit Google and looked at the bag. It seemed nice enough. Total honesty in my reviews here. It seemed like a plain, black leather bag that would contain my tablet. It did not jump out at me as something I must have. I watch the video by the designer and I think the bag is okay.

Arrival of the Digital Handbag

The bag arrived about 2 weeks later, and of course, we have to sign for it.  I take it to the office and start to unwrap. The new leather scent becomes apparent immediately – I love the leathery smell – reminds me of new cars. As I peel away the protective packaging I can feel how soft the full grain leather is. This is the precise moment I fall deeply in love with the bag.

I look at the bag wondering what to do next – it looks too good to use!

digital handbag review

Photos courtesy of the Knomo website

Filling My Digital Handbag

My current handbag isn't much bigger than a pencil case, with a strap. This means I can put my arm through the leather loop and have the bag part under my armpit. It's perfect for containing my travel card, and my phone. That's it. Maybe a lipstick if I'm going somewhere that requires red lips, mascara at a push. I worry that I don't have enough to fill up the digital handbag. Even though it's clutch size, and can hold a 10″ tablet, it's still 3 times the size of my usual handbag.

It's futile worrying. I see the layout and realise that it has everything I need.  I love the soft, black leather clutch bag that little bit more…

I add some makeup to the mesh section. I'd stopped taking make-up out as it just made a mess of my bag. Lids will come off, things will leak and a good bag will be ruined. The mesh is perfect for keeping your cosmetics separate and intact. The next thing I notice is the detachable coin purse. This too will come in handy.

I unzip the bag and lay it out flat

I love how much you can get in the bag, and it remains organised. No more rooting around at the bottom of a bag looking for a pen and stabbing your fingers umpteen times (and getting covered in ink). No more scrabbling around for change when you're trying to pay for something. Never lose a ticket or travelcard again!

I love how understated and elegant the bag is. At the beginning of the review, I share how I wasn't expecting anything different from a normal handbag with a few organising sections. My opinion quickly changes, and I know I'll be using this handbag, and that it will have to be pried out of my cold, dead hands when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

The Official Digital Handbag Specifications

  • 20cms height
  • 28.5 cms wide
  • 3 cms deep
  • Comes in 4 colours – Black, Caramel, Chilli, or Nude
  • 5000mAh battery and micro USB charging cable come included – nearly three full charges on an iPhone
  • Fully detachable strap: transforms this clutch into a cross body bag
  • Padded section: safely store your tablet – fits up to 10″ tablet
  • Detachable coin purse
  • Two side zips: fully expand this clutch bag to have everything easily accessible
  • Two external zipped pockets – ideal for passports, credit cards and tickets.
  • KNOMO ID: Register your bag and if it’s lost, the finder can return it to you via the Knomo portal
  • Technically this is a clutch bag, but I've called it a handbag.

Do You Need a Digital Handbag?

Yes, you do.

Let's talk practicalities now… Having a charging battery in your bag makes life so much easier. No more looking for a place to charge your phone or tablet. The cables are all kept neat and tidy, and no one knows you're charging your phone or tablet.

The tablet pocket is padded. You can probably drop the bag from waist height and your tablet will be perfectly fine. I've not tested this, and I don't think you should buy the bag solely on this aspect. Put your tablet in a case, and put them both into the tablet compartment. If you're out and about, the bag and the padding is enough to protect your tablet from everyday knocks and jostling.

Do you need one? Yes, yes you do. I won't go anywhere without mine now.

How Easy Is A Digital Handbag To Use?

At first, I thought I'll never remember to charge the battery. But I do. My cosmetics have migrated from the dressing table to the mesh section, and my cables live neatly in the back external pocket.

The bag keeps you organised, and when I don't have it, I really miss it. Simple things like rummaging around for sunglasses, or change is more frustrating than ever.

The clutch size is perfect for a tablet-sized device. There are other bags on the Knomo website that are suitable for up to 14inch laptops.

I thought I wouldn't use the chain strap, but surprise surprise, I use it with the strap all the time. I don't recall taking the strap off once.

Out and about with the bag –  it's a  great conversation starter. Someone sees me hooking up the phone to the charger and they start asking about the bag.

At the £275.00 the Elektronista leather digital clutch bag is in the lower mid-range for a leather handbag. It's affordable for pretty much all female entrepreneurs who want to be connected when they're out and about.

If you're on the fence about whether you need one or not, I use mine every single day. In 2 months there's not a mark on it. There are no signs of wear and tear. It's a robust yet elegant handbag that has an everyday practical use.

Take a look here https://www.knomobags.com/uk/elektronista-digital-clutch-bag-leather-black.html