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Thank you for your email telling me that you cannot guest post on my site as you need “do-follow” links.
I appreciate you taking the time to tell me what you need for your clients in order to write me a generic, keyword stuffed post. A post that you won't promote and in the unlikely event that you do, you'll never, ever respond to a comment left for you.

So remind me again… why I would want to give you a do-follow link?

Love and hugs


seagullLately the amount of complaining emails I'm getting from SEO writers is driving me nuts. They also call themselves content marketing managers and other things, not just SEO writers.

There are some great people out there that get in touch and ask questions and then write content for you. I really appreciate the ones that do this.

They tend to state that they've read several posts on the blog and name the site and the posts.

I have 63 different blogs. When I get an email saying that they love my blog I always respond with which one… and then I tend not to hear back from these people.

I wonder if there is a special school that trains them out of social skills? That's a tangent to explore another day.

Over at Birds we use Comment Luv premium. If you comment on the site 3 times then your links become do-follow. If you comment regular you'll be featured in our footer with do-follow links. If you share the post you get do-follow links. We reward the action that we want.

And whilst I appreciate the time that goes into writing a guest post, the research, the audience research and then sourcing the perfect image, I can't help but feel these bloggers are like seagulls.

Seagulls are the friendliest birds you'll find – if you have food. They waddle right up to you and you'll hand them a chip (or the entire bag if you happen to be my daughter). Seagulls think that your food is their right. And when they've taken what they want they'll fly off to crap on your car bonnet. If you don't have the food that the seagull wants you'll just be left with the crap on the car bonnet.

Well my blogs and content sites are not anyone else's right. You have to earn your place there, you have to respect the work of the other bloggers to create an environment where you'd love to get a link from. And sending me an email bitching about the lack of do-follow links isn't the way to go about this.

That's crapping on my bonnet ‘cos I'm not sharing my chips.