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Time is money, or so they say. Have you thought about content repurposing to get more from your existing content? Not only will you save time, you'll make more money from your content.

This simple content repurposing infographic walks you through the stages:

  • What content repurposing is
  • The benefits of content repurposing
  • How to brainstorm
  • The types of content to repurpose into


Content Repurposing Infographic


How much of your content are you repurposing?

Are you getting as much from it as you'd like? If you'd like to work smarter rather than harder, then consider grarbbing the content repuposing heaven cheatsheet and getting more tips and training on how to get more from what you've already created.

[thrive_2step id='12255′]Grab Your Cheatsheet here[/thrive_2step]

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