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How to use NLP in Blogging and Social Media

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the “negativity” of the internet? Sick of getting mean comments? Are you misheard in your communications? Want to do something about it? Of course you do! In this interview with Andy Smith he shares some of the...
6 online tools for smarter online contests

6 online tools for smarter online contests

You've decided on a contest to help build your list and create buzz about your brand and your business. You have the goal of building your list, you know the purpose of the competition and the next step is to know about different apps that can help you make online...

How the high score on a pinball machine saved my failing business

My Twitter Bio reads – Blogger. Essex pinball wiz, co -author of Zero to Social Media, sci fi fan, chief Bird on the Blog, wife to Kevin, mother of dragons. I'm always get asked about the pinball wiz part. So here it is, the tale of how I became a pinball wizard...

How to stay on target with your business blogging

When you blog, especially for business you write posts for your ideal clients, don't you?  What do you mean you don't? Ideal clients (interchangeable with ideal readers) are the bread and butter to your business blog, they are the people who feel a connection, that...

2 steps to overcoming hurdles in your business blogging #blogging

It's all very nice to set business blogging goals, but how will you meet them? As part of your business blogging success blueprint, you have to figure out exactly what tools and resources you will need to meet your goals. An effective way to do this is to first look...

Short and long term SMART business blogging goals #blogging

In this post we are going to look at goal setting for business blogging. It's similar to goal setting in a business environment, so for many of my lovely readers this post is a refresher rather than a tutorial :) “She who doesn’t plan, plans to fail”, yeah the old...