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It's 2018 and you know that blogging can get some pretty good results for your business, so this is your year; you're going to do more of it, and who can blame you? You’ve learned the basics of blogging (domain names, hosting, what softwarewhat theme etc), and you actually have a business blog. You add the occasional post (when you have time) – and sometimes you stick to a schedule (until the next business crisis pushes posting out of your mind.)  But there isn’t a lot of traffic to your blog and you know you want to do more if this sounds like you then you're in the right place.

Ramping your blogging up a notch…

Let's start with what you want from your blog itself:

  1. What do you want your blog to do for you and your business?
  2. Are you taking advantage of your blog’s main difference over a static site – its database capacity?
  3. Is your blog properly optimized for search engines?
  4. What do you need to promote – your services, a product – or you, yourself?

When you know what you want your blog to do for your business then you know that you need your readers to:

  • Know exactly who you are – and feel that you stand out above others in your field
  • Enjoy or find value in your posts enough to want to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Feel that you are a necessary, useful and enjoyable part of their life
  • Be eager to let their friends know about your great site
  • Turn into a loyal customer or client

This is the first step to going beyond the blogging basics for you and your business.

If you have a site is just a lame excuse for your contact information and an impersonal, non-specific blurb or slogan such as: “We aim to be the best blah blah blah”, along with the same, never-changing handful of pages that put you to sleep when you wrote them… What incentive are you offering people to remember you – and return to your blog?

 Your Renewed, Focused, Blog Purpose

If you’ve been taking your business blog for granted, you will need to make sure you incorporate at least some of the following goals and tactics into your blog planning strategy:

  1. Showcase your clients – and their successes
  2. Display your industry expertise and credentials
  3. Be the “go to” place for the latest industry or niche news
  4. Share resources such as free reports, audio files or “how to” videos
  5. Give them what they want or need to learn or hear
  6. Create some actual passive income for you

Not all of these points may apply to your business blog, but this is a good time to invest in some planning or re-focusing.

Think about each point.  How can you add that particular benefit to your blog?  Does that point apply to your business – or would it be something that hurts it? Next create that content for your blog. The above 6 things will increase your web presence in a positive, vibrant way. So much so, that you'll wonder why you didn't start blogging this way sooner!

Think of your business blog for what it actually is – your voice, speaking directly to potential clients, when you aren’t around. It’s like having a partner who’s hard at work – even while you’re asleep! When you use your blog this way you're blogging beyond the basics, and you're going to get the results that you want.

Want to do even better with your blogging? Then join us on the 30 day blogging challenge. Lot of people love it and get great results, so why not get some as well?