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7 steps for writing blog posts quickly

If someone had told me blogging was writing, I’d never have started. Honest. I hate writing.

Well, that’s not strictly true, I love writing I just don’t love all the work that comes with it. I don’t love it enough to call it a craft, and I don’t love it enough to dream about it, but I do care about publishing my content on a regular basis (and avoiding negative writing rituals). In order to do this I need to be able to think creatively and write fast.

Here is my 7 step system for writing and creating a whole heap of content on a regular basis without affecting post quality.

Step One: Develop a Keyword List – Know what you’re going to be writing about and a keyword list keeps you focused on what the topic is. When you have a keyword list your writing will be hyper targeted and you will be able to create your content faster. It?s not just blogging that will be faster, but you’ll find video and audio come faster too when you know what you’re going to be talking about. 

Step Two: Create Your Titles – start with a working title and then add in your keyword. Don’t think too much about it and then move onto deciding your topic. If you have two or three ideas for the title then write them down and come back to them. 

Step Three: Decide on the type of post – you have your keyword, and you know roughly the topic. It’s now the time to decide on what sort of post it will be. I decided to write a tips post, but it may become a steps post ie the 7 steps to writing faster blog posts. Yeah, that sits a lot better with me.

Step four: Create your outline – my outline is simple: a headline, an introduction three bullet points, a conclusion and a call to action. Simple and effective.

Step five: Start Writing – If you start with the outline you can then fill it  in with the meat and juicy bits of knowledge. Now here’s a real juicy tip, after you’ve done your first post using these steps start your next one while your mind is still filled with the topic. Write up a batch of posts at the same time about the same topic and keyword. Once the flow of creativity starts there is no reason to stop it. You don’t have to publish them all at once, but once you are in the zone you should stay in the zone. 

Step six: Edit Later – Write first, edit later. Let the words flow and then let them rest for a while. After you’ve given your mind a break, re-read your blog posts with fresh eyes. At this point you can tweak and adapt your headline and make into something memorable. Don’t discard any headlines that you don’t use, you can save them for inspiration later.

Step seven: Schedule your blog posts, add images, SEO descriptions and all the other little things that make a good blog post awesome. And then get ready to start promoting your content.

Remember the greatest thing about blogging is that you can edit the posts years after their published, this means you can update older content and keep it fresh.