November 2013 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Blogging from an entrepreneurs perspective

Blogging from an entrepreneurs perspective

A lot of my coaching clients are referred to me by existing clients and that means I tend to help and advise a lot of entrepreneurs. Sometimes I find this quite tough as I'm not a natural entrepreneur, but I've coached and taught specific skills since 1998, so it's...
Traffic Generation Basics [Infographic]

Traffic Generation Basics [Infographic]

You've got a great website, and now all you need is traffic. You shared your content on your social networks, and you're wondering what alternatives there are for generating more traffic. You're smart enough to know that not all traffic is created equally, that it...
10 Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

10 Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

The biggest mistake I ever made in internet marketing?…. well there would be two of them. I set up The Courier Shop back in 2007. I drove a whole heap of traffic to the site and I did not collect a single email address. List building? Bah! That's for...

Creating the Human Connection [Video]

Today I'm chatting to Jay Blake from Creative Impetus. What I find fascinating in my conversation with Jay is he goes straight to the heart of what works best with video –  the human connection, and when we visit websites that's what we seek out first. Take a...

Video Interview: Sell Through Video

Yesterday I took advantage of Google Hangouts on Air to catch up with Jason Kanigan. We spent just under 30 minutes talking about Selling Through Video. This isn't a conversation about technical things like what camera to use, lighting equipment etc, it's about the...