July 2013 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Writing faster and better blog posts #blogging

When I take a blog coaching client on the first few sessions involve the telephone (usually Skype) and a pen and paper. Research has shown when you make notes the information is retained for longer. I record the calls to send to my clients so they don't actually miss...

Steven Pressfield, George RR Martin, Misery and Me

On a quiet  retreat with hubby back in November,  we were in a hotel library sipping wine in front a blazing fire when another couple entered the room. We started chatting and she asked what I did. It's always hard to explain to civilians what I do, so I settled for I...

The biggest thing Brit bloggers do that make them look amateur

I love blogging, make no mistake about it. But there is something that Brit bloggers do, and it makes them look unprofessional, stupid and downright incapable. The worst culprits are so-called British social media experts. Shall I tell you what it is? Okay, imagine...

Social Media: 7 ways to look like you’re present

(Even when you're not). So you’re automating your social media content. Good for you. You've got no time to talk to people, what would you want to do that for? Why would you make sure that people actually engage with your posts? Is it really not enough to just...
10 simple ways to use audio in your marketing

10 simple ways to use audio in your marketing

Got a smartphone? Then the chances are you listen to some audio using it. If you listen to audio, perhaps your customers do too. Audio in marketing can be extremely effective; listening to a recording of something is often much more compelling than reading it. It also...