June 2013 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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5 ways to grow you business over the summer slump

We all love the summer, here in the UK we dream of blue skies and golden rays and envy the rest of the world when they share their summer photos. As well as sunshine, summer also brings something else – the summer slump. The kids are off school and people go on...

Purpose: build a business you love #Kindle

Is your business still fun? I have to be honest and say there are days when my business is less fun than others. But what can you do about it?  You can pick up a copy Amazon Kindle –  Purpose: Build a business you love, and if you get in quick you can pick up a...
4 reasons why visitors don’t buy from your blog

4 reasons why visitors don’t buy from your blog

This post is the first in a two part series on making sales from your blog. This article is about the visitor experience and the second post will be about the sales experience and managing customer expectations. So why don't visitors buy from your blog? You're getting...