January 2013 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Zero To Social Media

Sometimes life doesn't quite go according to plan. Half way through writing Zero to Blogger, Warren decides he'd prefer to write a book about social media. I, of course said “Cheers love”,  I'm from London's East End, what I actually said isn't fit for...

Devil's Advocate – Handling Comments Correctly

 I recently posted a blog post about mean comments. We'd had quite a conversation in the Blog Tips G+ community (you're welcome to join us) about mean comments and I invited Garen Arnold to talk about how he handles comments :) Devil's advocate time! So have you made...
Which WordPress membership plugin does what?

Which WordPress membership plugin does what?

I've spent the last three years exploring WordPress membership plugins. After a lot of trial an error I accepted that premium plugins were the way to go – support and upgrades are often included. As in life, with plugins, you get what you pay for. For a...

Warning: Using pop ups will grow your email list fast

If you are just starting out blogging or waking up to the the power of having an email list then this post is for you. Back in the summer I realised that my personal blog was growing fast and I actually needed to have an email list to support my blogging and maintain...

11 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social media, love it or hate it there are ways to make it work more effectively for you. But there are simple mistakes (that everyone can easily avoid) to make it work better for everyone. Many people use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and check them daily, they go...