August 2012 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Taking your blog from zero to high traffic in no time at all

Taking your blog from zero to high traffic in no time at all

You want a high traffic blog, and you understand it takes a bit of effort, that it's not going to happen overnight. Excellent, you are in the right place then. Getting a high traffic blog is easier than you think if you plan, prepare and then take action. You'll need...

Five Traditional Ways to Find Great Article and Blog Post Topics

So, it was my one year anniversary over at For Bloggers, By Bloggers where I contribute a weekly post, every Tuesday. And I posted a slightly controversial post about blogging only when you have something to say. I was tempted to go on an all out rant, but I didn't....

How to stay on target with your business blogging

When you blog, especially for business you write posts for your ideal clients, don't you?  What do you mean you don't? Ideal clients (interchangeable with ideal readers) are the bread and butter to your business blog, they are the people who feel a connection, that...

What do customers really want?

When you first start out blogging or content marketing, ideas are everywhere. Every trip to the shop inspires you, your smartphone is out constantly snapping images for posts and you feel like a never-ending font of creativity. Well it beats “You can have any...