June 2012 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Why your business should love email marketing

Email marketing involves sending email messages to a list of subscribers that contain information, offers, discounts, and promotions. That's your message, delivered directly to a prospect's inbox. Sound like a good idea? Read on and see if it's for you and your...

Content Marketing: How talented amateurs beat professionals

This post is part of a series relating to content marketing. The  first post is here – content marketing basics. The second post is about the must haves of content marketing, and this post is the third in the series. When you read, view or listen to content by...

Case Study: Creating a Trend on Twitter #SpainIs

We've all heard of new-jacking thanks to David Meerman Scott, but can Twitter be used to promote positivity around a message and create news? I'm going to hand you over to Graham Hunt, the man who turned the #SpainIs hashtag into a wave of positive publicity for his...

Content Marketing Basics: 4 Content Must Haves

You've decided what content marketing formats you and your ideal audience are interested in and you are now looking at how to structure your content so that it works effectively for you. No matter what form your content will take, there are certain elements that are...

Content Marketing Basics: Types of Content

Content marketing is where you create content with the express purpose of encouraging engagement with your current and potential customers. The speediest way to create an effective content marketing campaign is to start online. There are four main kinds of content...