March 2012 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Give your readers a chance!

Once you have a blog and you know how to use keywords to get traffic directed to your posts, the next step is to make sure you keep those readers as regular readers / subscribers. You can go about this two ways – offer an RSS icon / optin box and ask your...
Using Rich Snippets [infographic]

Using Rich Snippets [infographic]

Have you heard of Rich Snippets? Rich  snippets can give the reviews on your blog  a little usability boost when it comes to the search engines. They can make your meta descriptions look more attractive and more appealing to the searcher, as well as enabling the...

7 things you should have on your blog’s press page #blogging

Serious question now… do you have a press page on your blog? Put your hand up if the answer is no… Hands up?  and yes, my hand is up too. If you are an expert in your niche, dispensing top advice and tips, guiding customers to make the best purchase...

The cost of blogging

Have you ever totalled up how much you spend on blogging?  I have to admit that I never have, so my husband totted up how much I had spent (in cold hard cash) in 2011 on blogging. Want to take a guess? In dollars? Last year I spent 30,000 dollars on blogging. Themes,...

Pinterest: Measuring your Pinfluence

If you have taken the Google Plus 30 day challenge, you'll already know that I am the kind of person that likes to measure progress and activity as you go through the challenge. This is so you can determine what you are doing well and what you need to work on. It will...