February 2012 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Pinterest and WordPress – tools you’ll love #blogging

Pinterest and WordPress – tools you’ll love #blogging

Alrighty, checking over my traffic stats for the last few weeks it seems that everyone has gone more than a little Pinterest crazy. I thought I'd hunt down a few of the tools and apps that will make your blogging life better, your board look cool and tools that will...

Life beyond ebooks

This year I am no longer writing ebooks, and in the next few days I'll be selling off my existing stock and removing them from sale. Ha! I hear my regular readers exclaim…  aren't you writing the Google+ 30 day challenge for Nikki Pilkington? And the Pinterest...

Circles: like Twitter or Facebook lists but far more effective.

How many Circles do you have on Google Plus? You will need circles for a multitude of things and you will need at least 10 (including the ones that Google starts you off with).   A circle for the noisy people A circle for the people in your industry that you love and...

The secret of viral reports for bloggers

A free report that goes viral can bring in traffic much faster than SEO and PPC combined. It can bring you free targeted visitors, in addition to generating hundreds of backlinks that'll help you rank better in the search engines. It's something bloggers need to...