December 2011 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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The alternative traffic success formula for 2012 #blogging

The alternative traffic success formula for 2012 #blogging

Website traffic is always a priority for online business owners – without traffic people won’t know your business blog exists. So just what is the right formula for more blog traffic? And why do people either tell you to write every day or not write every day? Here...

Using Hootsuite to manage your blog and social profiles

Hootsuite is one of my favourite blogging tools. Using the Hootsuite dashboard you can update Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Twitter in the matter of seconds. I recommend Hootsuite to all of my clients as it's easy (when you know how) to manage your feeds and...

Slideshare for Bloggers?

I recently heard about using SlideShare to send traffic back your blog and reach new audiences. Back in November I opened an account and created a few slide shows in PowerPoint and uploaded them. It's very simple to do, so I created an account and uploaded a few...

Customising your WordPress theme part two #blogging

In yesterdays post I showed you how to search for a WordPress theme and how to upload a premium theme. I promised that I would be back with an additional update showing you how to customise your WordPress a bit more. This post is aimed at novice WordPress users.  If...