January 2011 » Stellar Marketing Activity
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Simple tips to engage bloggers

Simple tips to engage bloggers

As the managing editor of several blogs I get contacted daily and asked to promote items on the blogs. Often, it's a generic email and is of no benefit to either the PR company or the blogger. With these simple tips your business can engage with a blogger to benefit...

Zero to Blogger: The power of blogging topical #blogging

We are approaching then end of the first week of  Zero to Blogger, with challenger Warren Cass, you can find him on Twitter @WarrenCass We investigated blogging topical subjects this week.  The first week has gone very well in terms of meeting blogging goals, all are...
Kindle: Another route to market for your blog

Kindle: Another route to market for your blog

You may have heard about adding your blog to Kindle, but did you do it? I did 2 days ago. In my advanced blogging ebook (in the final edit stages) I talk about writing specifically for one person, your ideal reader or customer.   I don't think it will work for...