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10 reasons to choose WordPress when you start bloggingI frequently get asked why I love WordPress for blogging, and with some people the phrase “because I just love it” cuts no ice, they need more reasons as to why I am such a WordPress fan. I make no bones about where I first started blogging… it was Yahoo and it was a place called Geocities. Don't judge me! There wasn't a lot of choice back then and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they pulled it down.

I then moved to Blogger. And do you know what? It was okay. It didn't set the world alight, it was just okay. But I'm a fiddler, a tinkerer, and a person who strives to learn more and grow each and every day. Blogger was fine but it didn't teach me anything I needed to know… And then I discovered WordPress.

20 million+ other website owners can't be wrong…

10 reasons to choose WordPress for blogging.

1) It's Free!

That's right, it's completely free as open source software. Sure you can pay money for premium themes and plugins, but you can still do a lot things with the  free themes and free plugins. Free enables you to build a strong base before you start exploring the paid options for anything WordPress related.

2) It's Open Source

What this means is that you can alter the code, redistribute your changes in design, and collaborate openly with other WordPress fans to make the software even better than it is already. What's not to love about that?

3) Superior Functionality

What else can you say but WordPress works.

  • It's intuitive
  • it's simple
  • it looks great

4) Easy to Use

If you can send an email you can easily use WordPress. The dashboard is simple and intuitive (a lot of the time). It works the way you think it's supposed to.

5) Awesome Design Options

WordPress looks fabulous and can be easily updated with just a few clicks depending on the theme you choose. You can pay for premium themes, or use the free ones recommended on WordPress.org to create exactly the look you want.

6) Easy to Keep Secure

WordPress is easy to keep secure with free and paid plugins to add essential security features to your website. It's very important to be able to easily backup your website, and keep it secure from hackers and viruses and using WordPress makes all this simple.

7) Great for SEO

Search engine optimization is easy with WordPress. By using plugins (or premium framework) and by entering the information needed, plus creating regular blog posts, your SEO will almost take care of itself. Google loves WordPress! Just in case here are 3 plugins that you can use to optimize your content.

8) Accessible to ALL users

Some people do not realize it but some websites are invisible or impossible to read for some people with disabilities.

Did you know that blind people also read websites? All WordPress websites are accessible to people with various disabilities without any extra coding. The only thing you might want to remember to do is always fill in the “alt” text for photographs so that they will know what a photo is by hearing their reader state what the graphic is.

9) Expandable

You can make your WordPress website as big as you want, with as many functions as you want. There is really nothing that cannot be accomplished with a WordPress website. Start small and move your way up without having to rip it all down and start again. WordPress provides a really solid base to work on.

10) Huge Community

If you get stuck, you can ask the community for help. They are very nice, responsive and helpful. There are also hundreds of videos on You Tube and thousands of other bloggers sharing hints, tips and tricks to get the best from WordPress. With WordCamps you can also meet other WordPress fans in real life.

You can use WordPress websites for every type of website from an ecommerce site to an online portfolio website.

Your imagination is the only limit. Feel free to go beyond what you thought was possible to create a full-fledged website that will serve your business well for a fraction of the cost and without coding ability.